Friday, June 21, 2013

AAC, DOK, SWSCD . . . Oh, My!

Well, I gotta be honest: when I saw the job post for “Item Writer,” I wasn’t exactly jumping out of my Chucks in anticipation.
Item Writer Wanted Ad (I learned how to write Alt Text at this job!)

However . . .

I am a teacher, so pulling in a little extra dough without having to wait tables with my former students did motivate me enough to update the ole resume. So, when I finally accepted the temporary position via CETE in conjunction with DLM, I realized that I had just ruined my chances of wasting my summer away at the pool, drunk on books.  And, frankly, that was my central concern.

Just three weeks later, I received my first paycheck.  And, as you may suspect, I’ve already spent most of the money earned pounding out test questions. Nevertheless, I do have some things a bit more enduring than my bank account balance to show for the experience thus far:

  • DLM is creating something that has never, ever, ever been done before, and I am lucky to play a minor role in its efforts.
  •  Flying a plane while building it is hard. Really freaking hard.
  • Students with significant cognitive disabilities, like Scott, learn in different ways, so they must show what they’ve learned in different ways. But, they still learn.

I have five weeks left in my temporary job. As the haze of nodes and Alt Text and TEs and EECMs settle into my brain, I thank my lucky stars that my misguided greed and pride dragged me into this project.