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I want to feel packed in
     the weight of feet of snow
     the heaviness of the moist granules
gnashing at my skin
    an unfit wrapping for its interior

I want to feel suffocated
     breath constricted in my chest
     fingers laced around my neck
reaching across its expanse
    anxiety building until

r e l e a s e

Four Fallacies of Motherhood

I’ve been thinking a great deal about motherhood lately. About my own mother, my grandmother who raised me, and even myself as a mother. About its essence, its challenges, and its victories. About my oldest, recently 18, who moved out of my home only to return weeks later (to my relief). About my youngest, recently 13, who strikes a fragile balance between wisdom beyond her years and naïveté of one much younger (to my consternation).  My reflection has led me to many conclusions, one of which is motherhood comes with a lot of . . .
How can I put this delicately?
Well, it comes with a lot of stupid shit.
1. Being a mother makes me special.
Nearly ¾ of American women have children, according to Gallup. Now, I may not be a math whiz, but how does being part of the super-super-majority make one exceptional? This is not to say that being a capable mother is easy or trivial, but the state of motherhood is in itself the norm.
2. My children are not average.
Average is, by definition, calculated u…

Trial After Fire

Some say
               "trial by fire"
                                   a weary cliche
But much more vibrant
                                   in first person
The sting of the flame

But most fail to acknowledge
         the true test


Once all is built back up and tucked in place
the broken glass swept away
the sooty surfaces wiped clean

             then the pressure mounts
                        to be

Then those things that don't have mass or form
                 are eaten away
                                         by flame

But one that is cold and invisible
One that licks the wounds
nobody cares to see