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My Top Ten Reasons to Be a Proud NEA Member

It never fails: at least once a year somebody asks me why I give my hard-earned dollars and precious hours to the National Education Association, KNEA, and ONEA. My response usually seems to satisfy the asker’s immediate curiosity, but I’ve never been satisfied with it. So, here’s the response that does satisfy me.

10. Cha Ching! NEA Member Benefits
I’ll be honest . . . I am not a big coupon or discount person. On a recent plane ride home from Orlando, I had a fellow NEA member tell me all about how she saves the equivalent of her dues money each year from the NEA Magazine Service, NEA Click and Save, and discounts on home and auto insurance, among other benefit perks. I would imagine that this energetic elementary school teacher also loves watching Extreme Couponing. While I can’t say that I’ve explored all of the membership benefit options, I can say that my 14-year-old loves cats, so I subscribe to Cat Fancy for free. I am pretty sure that paying actual money for that magazine wo…