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"Top 5 Lessons I Learned" Blog Directions

Your blog post should delineate the top five things you learned from your experience with the book Sway and related readings, writings, and discussion. Emulate the Top Five Social Media Lessons blog post we read in class to help you with your writing.

Here are the requirements of your post:

  1. Compose a first paragraph in which you introduce the topic in an interesting way (consider relating it to yourself) and preview the rest of the blog post.
  2. Include a numbered list of the five lessons you learned from Sway and related learning experiences.
    • Consider revisiting your focus questions, evidence connections, and Socratic Seminar packet as you brainstorm what you are going to write about.
    • Your lessons can be SPECIFIC TERMS (like "loss aversion"), SKILLS (like how to compose central claim statements), or IDEAS (like re-evaluating your own biases).
  3. Develop your ideas in at least one paragraph under each numbered lesson using anecdotes, definitions, quotations, definitions, etc. to help the reader better understand what you learned. You should include at least one correctly embedded quotation with in-text citation somewhere in your blog post.
  4. Conclude your blog post with a brief statement that ties your ideas together.
    • Note that the example post provides closure with quick sum up of the lessons as whole: "Use it, don't abuse it" (Lohmann 3).
  5. Somewhere in your blog post, integrate at least two correctly used power verbs (highlight them as shown in this post).